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Welcome to My Coach Direct

We are a meeting place where we offer Coaching with an Accredited Professional Coach for Clients.

We connect Coaches and Clients in one centralized location.

We are a coaching solution, that caters for coaching in all formats such as virtual, live, in person, pre recorded, group and one on one. Which ever format suits your life we have it here.

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Welcome to My Coach Direct


You can enroll in our My Coach Direct Membership for FREE for LIFE, giving you access to search our My Coach Direct accredited Coaches to find your perfect Coach.


You will have access to many thousands of videos, audios, and blogs that will help you grow yourself and your business.


On Demand: You can book a session with a Coach any time, there are same-day appointments available.


Conversations with your Coach are confidential, so you can feel comfortable to get clarity and results faster.


Our Coaches have the skills needed to help you grow personally & professionally, achieve your goals, release negative emotions and limiting beliefs, break bad habits, and resolve conflict.


You can book your Coach immediately. All Coaches have a book now button under their profiles where you can book a free consultation.

Welcome to My Coach Direct

Why Hire a Coach?

You know that you can BE more, DO more and HAVE more with the help of a professional Coach.

There are huge goals you have set but haven't achieved them yet. You just can’t seem to get there on your own, no matter how hard you try.

You realize that NOW is the time to get to that next level in your life and you are ready to INVEST in yourself and hire a Coach.

You have made many mistakes and don't want to make any more. NOW is the time to find someone who has been there and done that so you don't have to make any more costly mistakes.

You feel there is something holding you back but you are just not sure what it is. It's time to break through and move forward with your DREAMS.

You know there is more for you but you are unsure what that looks like. A Coach will help you get clarity and vision with structure and processes to get there.

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FREE Access to our My Coach Direct Accredited Coaches. Search and find YOUR perfect coach.

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Progress Tracking: Create your goal and track your progress with one tap.

Video Coaching Library: Coaching Videos available to watch on demand.

Audio Library: Audio Lessons to help you grow personally and professionally.

Blog Library: Impactful articles to expand your mind.

Approved Partners: Meet the people we work with; accountants, bookkeepers, attorneys, HR specialists, financial planners and more.

My Coach Direct: Opportunity to become an accredited My Direct Coach.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do My Coach Direct Coaches have?

My Coach Direct Coaches have an average of 10 years of experience with our Featured Coaches having a minimum of 5 years experience. They have expertise in Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Hypnotherapy or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindset Coaching, Health Coaching and more.... We have a vigorous process to ensure our Coaches are equipped to coach across many different situations.

How soon can I book a Coach?

You can book your Coach instantly. All Coaches have a book now button under their profiles where you can book a consultation.

Who's this App for?

Our My Coach Direct App is designed to offer effective, affordable Coaching for those who want to make a change in their life.

Will the App work on my mobile phone?

Yes! In fact, our My Coach Direct App works well on all devices; mobile phones, laptops, desktops, tablets and more!

How can I contact you?

You may reach us - Sharon & Selena via email at:

What is your cancellation policy?

Most of our products and services here are FREE. Some of our products and services are sold on a subscription basis, where you are billed monthly for your membership.